McCall Alexander portrait
McCall Alexander portrait

Innovator. Artist. Engineer.

Boise, Idaho


This is a curation of my favorite things I've built recently.
The plywood lemonade stand I hammered together in second grade is regrettably not included.

Reece Distributing

The Reece Distributing web catalog is a high-performance e-commerce platform with a custom CMS to fit the company's needs. A few clicks around the website and you'll discover tailored copywriting, an intuitive Material Design interface, and silk-smooth 60fps animations.

As one of the western states' premier wholesalers, Reece Distributing holds thousands of products in inventory. The company previously had no website at all, so the task of loading all the products onto the platform posed a problem. Bringing my technical skillset to the table, I was able to automate this process, saving the company hundreds of hours of repetitive manual labor.

Node.js, GraphQL, Apollo, Serverless, Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify, Nuxt, SSR, Material Design

Closed Source

Instagram Shadowban Tester

With 9.7K monthly active users, The Instagram Shadowban Tester is a leading utility platform for checking if Instagram is hiding posts from your followers.

A while back, Instagram was exploding with outcry over the infamous new algorithm. No longer would Instagram feeds be presented in simple chronological order, the company announced, but instead tailored to users' preferences via machine learning.

Users were overall pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the topic, but influencers were outraged when their posts no longer garnered the same attention as before. A name for the phenomenon arose: "The Shadowban".

I saw room for a solution and built it. Hence, The Shadowban Tester.

Node.js, Vuex, Vue.js, ES8+, Webpack, Sass/CSS, Search Engine Optimization

Closed Source

CJ's Mobile DJ

The local DJ company was struggling to book gigs from web traffic when they came to me for help. After my redesign and copywriting, their online leads immediately jumped over 300%. The website now generates over 90% of the company's leads and ranks competitively on search engines.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, Sass/CSS, Search Engine Optimization

Closed Source

Arbitrage Bot

As the height of cryptocurrency-mania, I noticed massive price spreads across the exchanges. At the time, I was reading the classic Wealth of Nations, in which Adam Smith talks about how efficient arbitrage is crucial in order for currencies to reflect their true value across markets.

This inspired me to build the arbitrage bot, a proprietary trading algorithm which turns profits by juggling over 50 cryptocurrencies across 13 global exchanges.

Node.js, Express.js, Embedded Document DB, ES8+, Babel

Privately Hosted

Closed Source
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Boise CodeWorks Backpack

During my time teaching at Boise CodeWorks, Idaho's top ranked developer academy, I worked with a small team to build out the company's internal student dashboard and classroom management system, now called the CodeWorks Backpack.

Each year, the backpack guides hundreds of students from "Hello World" to the moment they walk out the door as full stack developers.

Vue.js, Vuex, Webpack, Sass, Firebase, flexbox, Material Design

Closed Source


A Markov Chain is simply a way to predict the future based on what's already happened. Beyond programming, Markov chains are a great mental model to have in your toolkit. If you're curious about the topic, this video by Khan Academy might spark your interest.

I discovered Crystal programming language around the same time I discovered Markov chains. Crystal is extremely fast and has the same English-like syntax as Ruby, my first programming language.
Naturally, I dove in and learned both at once.

Markov is now the go-to Crystal-lang library for building Markov Chains and running Stochastic Processes. I personally used the library to forecast cryptocurrency price fluctuations after feeding it over a gigabyte of raw crypto-exchange transactions. It has 100% test coverage, extensive documentation, has been pulled into a number of open source crystal libraries, and is featured on the curated Awesome Crystal list.


API Documentation


Crystal Shards Docs

While learning Crystal-lang, I noticed that, despite its over 12,000 GitHub stars, the language had close to zero information on how to code, release, and maintain Crystal Shards (the community's name for Crystal-lang libraries). I could either whine about it or do something about it... I solo-authored all 1,300 words. :)



Git Commit

FlexBox Playground

During my aforementioned time teaching at Boise CodeWorks, I built this simple Vue.js application to teach the class the ins and outs of flexbox, and all the benefits that the new (at the time) technology would bring to front-end development.

Vue.js, Vuex, Webpack, Sass, Material Design, flexbox



GDAX - Crystal

The Crystal-lang community is vibrant, growing and optimistic. I was excited to code a trading bot in the language, but the infrastructure wasn't there yet. For this project, I had to build everything from scratch.

Programming an open source library to meet the security standards of a financial institution like GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange, now Coinbase Pro) presented a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities.

GDAX is now Crystal programming language's go-to REST and WebSocket API wrapper for GDAX cryptocurrency exchange.


API Documentation


Drone Tracker

After learning of the tragic statistics behind US drone strikes, I helped a friend of mine build this exposé project using the dronestream API.
My primary contribution was web design.

Angular 1.5.X, Flexbox, Design, SCSS




Ethos is an intuitive, Vuex-like state management solution for React. Since building the library, I've actually come to enjoy the consistency and rigidity of Redux.
So this was a great learning experience, but don't actually use it. :)

React.js, React Native, Webpack, Observer Pattern, Redux, Flux

No Website


The Last Drummer

An immersive VR game combining music and an emoji invasion.
Hackathon project.

C#, Unity, VR

Images coming soon

Repository no longer available

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McCall Alexander portrait
McCall Alexander portrait



McCall is an avid learner, builder and explorer. A software engineer with an emphiasis on web development, he has built everything from autonomous online stores to trading bots.
(see portfolio in-depth technical expertise)

A creative who dives into new mediums without hesitation, McCall is also an adept copywriter, designer, and photographer. He shot and edited all the photos on this website.